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Supermicro Holiday Party 2023

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A before picture of the Supermicro entrance
An after picture of the Supermicro entrance

The Project In Detail

On December 16th, we provided a red carpet photo experience and roaming event photography with instant photo sharing for over 3,000 attendees and 40 VIPs at Supermicro’s 2023 Holiday Party!

Guests enjoyed their choice of 2 backdrop designs with 2 stations for each design and a dedicated photo team for each station allowing us to process more guests and significantly reduce the amount of time they had to wait for a better experience.

And, to their surprise, for every station we had 2 photo sharing hosts ready to give them their photos immediately after taking them!

“Hey! Hello! Did you want your photos?”, we ask trying to get their attention.

“Huh?”, as they walk over to us in curiosity.

“Yeah! The picture you just took! I can send it to your phone”, our team member tells them.

“Wait really? That’s so awesome!!! Yes please! How do we do it?”, they ask as their eyes light up with joy and excitement when they learn they can get their pictures sent to their phone instantly.

In addition to that, they get their very own personal photo gallery that includes every single picture taken during the event that has them in it!

But there was an issue…

People started coming back to the photo area after entering into the event…

They had gone and told all of their friends how awesome the photos were and how they could get their pictures sent to them instantly on their phone!

We had groups of people coming back out from the event extremely excited to ask us if it was true. And the answer? Of course!

“WOW! Seriously!? That’s really cool!”, they said.

“What!? How do you do that!? And you send it to our phones?”, another asks with awe and joy.

“Yeah! We can send it to your phone or your email whichever one you want!”, we reply.

So, they’d grab all of their friends and rush over to get their pictures taken.

Photo of Supermicro CEO Charlies Liang

Roaming Photographers

After the initial surge of guests, we broke the team down and sent them out into the event to catch amazing shots like the one above!

We took photos of the VIPs making merry and enjoying their time and made sure to catch the most important parts of the event.

We even captured the winner of the grand prize giveaway to a lucky employee. Along with an assortment of prizes raffled off ranging from $2,500 to $100,000! How’s that for a holiday party?

Making Memories

In the moment, it might not seem like much…

But these are memories that will be shown to their kids and grandkids for generations to come. Imagine what you’re great, great, great, great grandfather looked like. Future generations will be able to have these photos to get a look into the lives of their family members.

Or even, one day, when you’ve gone through life and you are going through old things to find these photos. They allow you to travel back in time and remember the good ol’ days.

The pictures we take…they’re more than just pictures. They’re memories. Memories that’ll get passed down forever. Memories that will bring joy and smiles to families for the rest of time.

Pictures allow us to freeze a moment in time…to be remembered.

And that’s what it’s all about.
Making memories timeless. One shot at a time.

SMCI Supermicro Stock Ticker Marquee Letters with Balloon Arch Photo
We provided marquee letters and balloon art to go around it as well!

The Stats

  • 3,000+ Attendees (40 VIPs)
  • 1,602 Photos Taken
  • ~1,575 sq ft. of Red Carpet
  • 16x Red Rope Stanchions
  • 2x Custom made Step N’ Repeat Backdrop Designs
  • 4x 8 ft. by 15 ft. Custom made Step N’ Repeat Backdrops
  • 6x 8 ft. Custom Made Hedge Walls
  • 6x Beautiful, Custom Made Holiday Wreathes
  • 4 Professional Photographers
  • 8 Photo Sharing Hosts
  • And, A Countless Number of Smiles

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