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Custom Experiences

We create custom, engaging experiences for big events that align with your brand. Our team of experienced designers and planners use the latest technology to create interactive installations and immersive environments that emotionally connect with your attendees. We’re flexible, reliable, and scalable, making us the perfect partner for events of all sizes. Whether you’re planning a product launch, brand activation, or experiential marketing campaign, we’re here to help you create a memorable event.


Our photo/video brand activations for corporate clients are services that are designed to help businesses promote their brand or product through photography and videography.

In essence, a photo/video brand activation is an experience that we create to promote their brand or product through visual media. This might involve setting up a branded photo or video booth at an event, creating a custom social media campaign that encourages customers to share their own branded photos or videos, or producing a series of professional photos or videos that showcase a company’s products or services.

These services can be highly effective in generating buzz around a brand or product, creating memorable experiences for customers, and increasing engagement on social media. They are often used in conjunction with other marketing tactics to create a cohesive and memorable branding campaign.

Virgin Hotels Brand Activation


Our amazing and unique wedding photography/videography services refer to the art of capturing a couple’s wedding day through the lens of a professional photographer or videographer in a way that is both visually stunning and emotionally impactful. These services are designed to create a lasting memory of a couple’s special day, and to tell the story of their wedding through beautiful and engaging images.


Our amazing photography services are provided by professional photographers who excel in capturing stunning and visually appealing photographs in a variety of settings and situations. These services are designed to create memorable and lasting images for clients, whether for commercial or personal use.


Our amazing videography services are provided by professional videographers who excel in capturing stunning, cinematic, and visually appealing videos in a variety of settings and situations. Our services are designed to create memorable and lasting videos for clients, whether for personal or commercial use.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

We are available at any time of day, any day, whenever your event goes live. Based on the availability of our experiences.

We can pay gate the activations depending on the experience. Reach out and we’ll be able to let you if we can based on what you’d like to build.

We still need to be hired for the event but we can pay gate the experiences if you’d like to stimulate donations toward charity or other causes.

Yes, we offer a variety of different experiences that can be combined together to your liking and customized further to align with your brand and event.

Yes, we have done work for many different events from music festivals to conferences to trade shows to sport events and more!

It depends on the complexity of the experience and time it takes to acquire the proper materials to deliver your experience.

For Example: It took about 3 weeks to deliver the photo experience for the Chase Center.

About 1 week to deliver the trading card experience for the Sacremento Kings and Golden1.

It all depends on the project. We ask that you get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can give you proper estimates and allow us to have as much time as possible to deliver your experience. We ask for at least 3 weeks. However, we have been pushed to our limits and delivered an experience for the Sacramento Kings within 1 week.

The best way is to call by phone. The next best way is email. Then, we can schedule a meeting in-person or on Zoom where we’ll show you what we do and answer any questions you have. Then, we go from there!

No. However, we do have connections with people who can provide balloon art for you!