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CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular 2023 – See Monterey

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The Project In Detail

On December 13th, we provided a 360° Experience for See Monterey at CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular 2023 at SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento.

And it was a HUGE hit! People were coming from all over to check out this GIANT jellyfish they saw from across the convention.

But there was a problem…

The Event Went Underwater!

Water started pouring from the roof of the convention center suddenly right behind our booth! And it didn’t seem to be stopping! The surrounding workers rushed over pushing trash cans and any containers they could find to catch the water.

Our giant jellyfish backdrop was so immersive that the roof started pouring water! What a way to add to the immersion of being underwater! It was so awesome even the building wanted to join the fun!

But thankfully, it was during set-up BEFORE the event started. And, it eventually started to slow down until it came to a complete stop.

Phew! Crisis averted.

Working Our Magic

Together with 3 team members we put together a custom made 180° half circle giant jellyfish backdrop, set-up lighting, installed fairy lights on the top of the backdrop, and assembled our 360° Booth.

And it was MORE than worth it seeing everyone’s faces light up with joy. Watching people look across the convention center in awe and wonder to see a giant, bright, vibrant 10 ft. tall jellyfish.

So, it became the talk of the town. Everywhere we went, people were talking about the giant jellyfish.

“Did you see the giant jelly fish?”, a lady asks her friend.

“Yeah! That thing is cool isn’t it?”, her friend says.

“Have you tried it out?”, she asks.

“No I haven’t”, her friend replies.

“You got to try it out! Come on let’s go do it!”, she says as she grabs her friend and runs over to the 360° Experience.

The Stats

  • 1x 12ft. x 10 ft. Custom Half Circle, Giant Jellyfish 180° Backdrop for Immersion
  • 1x 360° Experience Booth for Fun
  • 1x TV and Stand for Viewing Pleasure
  • 2x Light Bars for Beautiful Lighting
  • 36 ft. of Fairy Lights for Festivities

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