Our photo/video brand activations for corporate clients are services that are designed to help businesses promote their brand or product through photography and videography.

In essence, a photo/video brand activation is an experience that we create to promote their brand or product through visual media. This might involve setting up a branded photo or video booth at an event, creating a custom social media campaign that encourages customers to share their own branded photos or videos, or producing a series of professional photos or videos that showcase a company’s products or services.

For our corporate clients, these services can be highly effective in generating buzz around a brand or product, creating memorable experiences for customers, and increasing engagement on social media. They are often used in conjunction with other marketing tactics to create a cohesive and memorable branding campaign.


The specific services offered by us will depend on the client’s needs and goals. Some common offerings might include event photography/ videography, social media campaigns, product photography/videography, or influencer marketing. Overall, our services are a valuable tool for any company looking to increase their brand visibility and create lasting connections with customers.